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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Unkown III

She failed to understand me ..and Now i dnt feel like be understood
May be i have given up hope of getting understood..

My failure not accounted by this very rejection ...
but ..i have nothing else to talk about ...

SHe replied ..." HEy i knw u have feelings for me ..but i dnt wanna be in a relationship"
i respected her feelings ...but i wanted to know the reason behind
Maybe she is doubting me because of any of her past experiences ....that failed
as she told me .." she hated the tears and longing part of love ..."

I just tried to ensure ..that my feelings were true ...
as its said .." U should atleast try and make them believe in you and trust you
is all what has to happen.."

But maybe i shouldn't have ....because not everyone care about the feelings ..all they
look for are people who they can play with ...

"I dnt have any feelings for him..But i would feel bad if he hurts himself because of me.
i just had lost my heart to her on this , as in my life ..i had never seen anyone talking
like this ..caring for others ..i was touched ..

But , the feeling was short lived was my happiness to be ..assuming day i ll
surely make her trust ..and my feelings
i was trying too hard have her trust..

I cared about nothing else in this world , when i had her ..
even if others were running to be somewhere ..i was taking easy steps in life ..just
to enjoy the moments of life with her...

All was well , until i started doubting myself...the failures had grown ..aside
while i was busy wondering about my future was hard for me to bear
when i started realizing the present situations of my life...

What would life be ?if i continue to fail in life when i look back all i see are
failures ...a restless life ..continuing to achieve something ..something that's still
to be reached ...

Would she accept me ?
As i had kept secrets from her ..about my reality ..
about my conditions ..she knew all what i had told her ...
My issues with life ...i wished to keep it with myself ..
till she chose to be the part of my life ...

When i would ask her the reasons , she would enquire about my secrets
thats what i hadn't told her ...

I started questioning myself it good to be keeping secrets ?
all i was looking for a more trust in her and the right moment ...

(to be continued...)

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