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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

it was too easy for her to say goodbye
but it was nearly impossible to say I love u

all i got , every time was.....just some more about him..

Why she was able to hurt me ....the question was too tricky to be answered
because i believed , before her ...that no one could break the security
and get through to reach the heart

I felt i was tough to fall in love...and i had huge expectations to let someone
the rules and all diminished in front of her..because i did feel...i did all wrong in my life
for which i was paying then.....
too much of uncontrollable drama in the environment, trying to keep even the last breath
unavailable ...let you feel , the end is better...

there is always one door that's open for you , in my case it was love
the one that leaded to be something for someone else..

i thought , at-least i could prove , i meant something for someone...
because the world never let me close my eyes in peace at the end of the day

they had everything to blame me...everything to make me feel....i didn't worth a single
moment to they believed i was making others life difficult by living

they just have something or the other pass their time

they show concern ...try and brainwash me .....because they have nothing else to do

i started to hate the world...

and now i m alone even i do have started to make life more unavailable to
live for myself...coz she proved the answer (i always ignored ) to be the answer to
my existence....

she once said...."It cant be according to u , how u feel , what u do , what u think
is always ....right ..according to me ..u r wrong as always".

I was touched that my efforts to make a difference pay off ....Like "no one else wud do that for me ..."

u made me feel special today.......

everything was may be normal for her...but i had them working for me after a long time
i knew the importance of being alive every moment that passed by...

i thought i begged for each moment to live for...
and i felt i was totally dependent on others to live....

Everyone loved the boy , who used to be in its own attitude...and quite a stubborn
but no one likes the newer version of him....all by others , cud change himself
an unlimited times just to be with u...
has a lot to offer...and still begs for little committments
gets hurt too easily...coz he takes life too seriously

his life not stretchable takes him a lot to make someone a part of his life....


  1. you just pour your feeling... nice
    let the dots get connected one day

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